Why I’m choosing to love

We are a terrible yet wonderful, compassionate yet hate filled and basically a huge set of amazing contradictions that occupy this planet.

Hate breeds hate, love breeds love. It’s an age old formula that is simplistic yet works.

When every day I’m seeing stories from the Middle East, about Israel and Gaza, about Isis and Iraq and Syria and everything else. It means somewhere we are failing.

Imperfect people are never going to get it right, not completely.
But the reason when we look on the screens of our TVs or open a paper and see these huge injustices done, we feel outrage is because of humans incredible gift of compassion.
Seeing injustices angers us, and then, all differences seem tiny and insignificant. It’s another human suffering. Race, religion and cultural differences don’t matter as much as the people you are looking at right thens right to be human, and how they have somehow been robbed of that right.

I keep seeing all these awful pictures right now, and I just keep wishing I could do something. Fairly certain I’m not alone in those thoughts.
It all seems pretty hopeless. But there is something each of us can do. All of us.

Love is powerful. So that’s what I’m going to do. It might not help the children I’ve seen in the papers but it will make the world better.

The results of hate and fighting against people are currently clear to see. It’s a system doomed to fail with catastrophic and horrific consequences.

But what if, instead of posting on Facebook, things designed to instigate hate against immigrants or against Muslims, you just chose to love them?
Bad things aren’t born out of love.

Imagine if everyone then took that view on and people were no longer eyed with suspicion.
If any time anybody saw any form of hatred, they stood up and shouted rather than walking by. The world would change. Maybe not over night and maybe in the beginning only in this corner of the world. But the beauty of the 21st century is the internet means ideas catch on and travel faster through countries than ever before.
It could still take many years before it changed mindsets in the Middle East and for some it might not work at all. But the world would still be better and it’s better than doing nothing at all.


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