The human race and what we are losing.

Imagine, just for a moment, that there had been some monumental catastrophic disaster. There were survivors but everything had turned to rubble.
Money no longer had value, there was no longer electricity and survival had become something you had to strive for.
In some places this is almost reality.

Here in the western world, we could not be further removed. We are living in almost the exact opposite.
I’m not saying there isn’t anyone poor, or hungry here. Of course there are but that isn’t what I’m talking about. Whether you have a lot of money or very little, money still matters.
The world I’m talking about, money is totally irrelevant.
With with no electricity, our communications would be limited entirely to those close around us,
Would communities there fore become closer? People forced to seek support from their neighbours rather than swiping out their iPhones and clicking on Facebook to communicate.
What about celebrities? I think musicians and comedians would still be needed. History has shown that music in times of disaster has been the thing to keep up morale and community spirit. The world also needs laughter too.
Would we be so obsessed though with the ins and outs of their every day lives?
Would their personal lives matter so much to us, when it was the music they were providing or bringing of so desperately needed laughter that helped us through the day to day of trying to survive?
Would celebrities themselves still be after fame when money was no longer the object? Probably. But I like to think too that they will probably be a little focused on survival too.

Coming to today, we all crave things. We crave glamour and the latest trends. Money is always something at the back of our minds, be it a worry or otherwise.
Celebrities are put on pedestals and seen almost as gods rather than human. Hatred and anger spews out of people hidden behind computer screens, when they apparently let us down.
Somehow we have become shallow.

The internet can be great, but somehow it also disconnects us. It connects us in ways that we’ve never managed before, but it takes away the human face. It gives us the illusion of knowing people who we may never see face to face.

We are satisfied with snippets of information from people via a Facebook status to know they are ok, or a random tweet.
Oh how excited we all get when somebody famous retweets us! Actually in reality though, it’s just another human, no different from you or me other than their status in society.

I wonder now, what would a world look like if those things were taken away from us?
Depression statistics are currently high. I suffer myself and I have to wonder if this is one of the reasons why.

In the scenario I was talking about earlier, I like to think there would be a mind shift in the way we all think and interact.
Maybe instead of people becoming famous, sometimes as far as I can see for no reason what so ever, it would be minds and contribution to society that would be most highly valued.
Perhaps everyone would be seen more equal and everybody would just be stripped back again to being simply human (which we all are anyway.) We would all need each other and learn lessons from each other.
Somebody coming out as Gay would pale into significance instead of making headline news, and everybody would feel a sense of worth.
Wisdom would be sought after, and we would be forced to think for ourselves, rather than being spoon fed via media.

Of course it may not be like this at all and in many ways I hope that the day never occurs when we find out, but I do think that with all our advancements we have right now, we’ve lost and sacrificed a lot too. Maybe with out even realising.

I just hope that in striving so much for things so superficial we don’t end up losing what it is to be human.


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