Challenging the issues we see

Picture the scene; you’re watching television with your partner and the news comes on. They start talking about an issue, maybe the government have put taxes up again or maybe they are discussing some kind of hate crime… You turn to your partner and utter something like “I don’t know what’s going on these days!”
Sound familiar?

We all moan, we all complain and we all get unhappy about things when we feel that there are things around us happening that are unjust. That feeling of wanting things to be fair is majorly important.
Go back to the scene; you have your moan, your partners agrees with you and then you change the channel and get glued onto some other programme. Discussion over.
We all do it! We are all guilty of it to some extent!

The problem is that every time that scenario happens, change doesn’t happen.

When you look at Jesus, I honestly believe that even if it had turned out he wasn’t the messiah, he would have still created waves.
He challenged peoples way of thinking daily. He challenged the Pharisees and criticised them!
He went into a temple and, when he realised they were using it as a market, he turned over the tables in anger.
When a women was about to be stoned, he challenged the law. “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.” The law said she should be stoned, but he made people think and he challenged them and therefore brought change!
Jesus was loving, but he wasn’t passive. He made people think twice.

The main issue today is our culture of passiveness. We allow issues to get big and we give up too easily.
The suffragettes would never have got the vote, if there weren’t those women willing to stand up and be counted. Those women suffered hugely. They were imprisoned and treat horrifically, but still they protested!
I’m not asking anybody to go that far, I don’t think we need to!

But think if we were all active, if instead of flicking over the television and moving on, essentially giving up before we’ve even tried, we all did something. The issues may not go away, but the society we would live in would be so much better.

You probably aren’t going to change the world, I know I’m never going to. But I can contribute.
I can challenge people’s points of view and I can protest things. So can you.

Would add too, that if you don’t know where to start, look on twitter or Facebook and find people passionate about the same things you are and see what things they do. You have to be the biggest voice, it’s just doing the little that you feel able.

We all live in this world and we all need to contribute to make it a better place. Be it environmental issues, gay rights, racial issues, or cultural ones, governmental issues and tax, or feminism. What ever it is you see that needs to change, help towards changing it.
Nothing bad will happen if you try, but good can always come out of it. If we do nothing then nothing is what happens.

We can all stand up in our own ways and be someone that makes a difference.


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