The ripple effect.

Have you ever thrown a stone into a huge lake Just to see how far it will go? As a kid I remember doing this kind of thing all the time.
I’d throw as hard as I could, but my goal was never to hit the other side. Always I aimed for the middle.
More times than not I missed. Sometimes pathetically so. But the after effect was always the same.
There was always the initial very satisfying splash, and then afterwards the water would ripple out from the point the stone landed and fill a large portion of the lake in rings of water, traveling further and further out, before it was once more still.
Sometimes, when others threw too, the results were more spectacular. The rings of water colliding to make patterns all across the lake.

I like to think that we all make ripples too, but sometimes we just don’t see them.
Every positive or negative thing we ever do, ripples out and we probably rarely see the full consequences.
So when we act, we have to think.

When Jesus came down, he didn’t create ripples he created an eternal tidal wave. Beautiful and unending.
Compared to that, we will always be the equivalent of pebbles a lake making tiny splashes!
But Jesus used his tidal wave to bring more and more people to him, spreading further and further so that every body could come to know Jesus is Lord. So everybody could feel the beauty of his love.

What are we using our pebbles for? Are we making a positive difference to people’s lives?
When I said earlier about the rings of water colliding as more people threw the pebbles in, our lake is the exact same one Jesus threw his into. Our pebbles will collide with his wave.
If we want people to know Jesus, we have to be careful that the stones we throw, even in good faith, aren’t ones that aren’t going ultimately stop people coming to Jesus.

Also think too, every stone, every wave and ripple we create for the glory of God, when it collides with Jesus’ tidal wave, that becomes eternal too. No matter how small the stone, all our voices have value!

I think some of the stones I throw in can be quite controversial to some. I don’t really mind that.
If I worried about every stone I ever threw in being the same as the people around me, I’d probably end up hiding.
When that’s you worry about, the focus isn’t on God, it’s on you. The ripples your creating aren’t ones that are aiding the glory of God.
I’d rather always be controversial, and feel there’s a chance I could have made an actual difference because of it, than create a ripple because it was one I was expected to make.

Keep adding to the waves of eternity. God is good!


Accepting Evangelicals Conference

Second blog of the day! Please do go look at my previous blog if you haven’t already! It was a poem and it’s exactly what I’m about to write about that inspired it, but I’ll explain that more further down.

If nobody has heard of accepting Evangelicals, they are amazing! I fully recommend taking a look at their website (I will post a link at the end!)
But they are group of evangelical Christians, passionate about accepting everybody, especially those within the LGBT community.
They, in my opinion, bring church back to what it should be. They are about bringing everybody together, so that there is no isolation.
As you can imagine, this was exactly the kind of conference I wanted to be part of. After a week of illness I was so blessed to be able to go!

What I saw there actually blew me away. The passion for God was almost tangible!
The room had such an amazing atmosphere, so full of love and passion!
Every one there together, LGBT and straight allies worshipping together with total freedom to be who they are. Total freedom to be who I am!

Vicky Beeching spoke in interview on stage, and the point she made is that people say that she doesn’t take the bible seriously but actually it’s about taking the bible very seriously! Looking into scripture, looking at context and actually taking time to really think.
She spoke of the hurt, how hard it is to come out as gay within the Christian faith, and about weighing up the cost. But also about the freedom in being able to be who you are.
Honestly an inspiring woman. She speaks simply, but her words are godly and so full of truth.

The next person to do his talk, was Steve Chalk. He is the founder of Oasis who were part of the evangelical alliance until he started to speak out and put across the view that same sex relationships weren’t sinful.
There was so much passion in his words! He spoke dreams and how the world didn’t need dreamers, they needed people with vision! Visions are things that get into every part of your body and make you do something! You need people of vision, to change the things that are hurting the people we are called to serve!

I came away so uplifted! The church has a long long way to go on this one.
Yesterday the Catholic Church wouldn’t agree to the popes proposal. But yet the Pope still opened conversations that so desperately needed to happen.
I’m not catholic, but it doesn’t even matter.
What we need is, regardless of denomination, people with a vision!
We need people who want to see, every single person welcomed with in the church exactly as they are.
We need people that realise, that maybe here we’ve got it wrong.

I fully believe a change is happening right now. I think that eventually the church will be one that’s more inclusive. But yesterday I got a glimpse of what that looks like, and it’s the truest reflection of Jesus I’ve seen in a long time.

We need you. It doesn’t matter how much or little you can do, but do something. I don’t want to wait years for church to look this way and the longer it takes, the more people we lose from the church, the more people we isolate.
If this is going to happen, everyone of us needs to be talking and making people think. Nothing changes through silence.

At the beginning I wrote about the poem I wrote this morning. I wrote it because I wanted to show how as humans we get it wrong over and over but how that’s not of God.
When this battles won, there will be more but that doesn’t mean that we should just stand at the sidelines. God created us all to serve. The time we should have been doing that properly was yesterday. Let’s get it right now.

Creation equality.

This ones a bit different to my usual blog posts.
I wrote a poem last night after coming back from an amazing and inspiring conference, which I’ll be posting a blog up about this evening.
But for now I thought I’d share the poem.

When man was created out of the dust and the mud
And woman soon after, Adams rib, Gods love.
And as they stood hand in hand
Man and woman, woman and man.
They were both in Gods image,
He didn’t differentiate.
He loved them the same, there was no hate.

But then sin came in, jealousy, anger.
And as people divided, one side shouted louder.
History through out repeated over and over.

People marginalised, one sided bible interpretation.
Until one voice loud enough, shouts out across the nations.
Martin Luther King, stood up and fought slavery.
A part of the bible, returned to former glory.

God made us unique, we were created to serve.
But yet we keep wounding, lessons go unlearned.
We are told to go out and preach the good news.
But instead we isolate because of one sided views.

We miss the hurt etched on the faces
Of those who love God, yet no one embraces.
We refuse to acknowledge their homosexuality.
Because it doesn’t fit our plan for Christianity.

But when God created woman and man
He didn’t differentiate, he had a plan
He knew their hearts, he created them whole.
He knew exactly the words etched onto their souls

So now what we need is to head back to the start.
Back to creation, back to the heart.
One sided views, one sided theology.
When actually God created equality.