“‘Cos now I’m free, I’m free at last
Free to live the life I want forget about my past…”

I remember singing that song as a teenager. A real song of celebration about the freedom we have in Jesus. It’s so true! I’ve learnt that we all experience those freedoms differently. I think though everyone agrees that it’s as if a huge weight gets lifted off of our shoulders, and it’s as if God says, “it’s ok! Your mine now, go just be you!”

The problem isn’t the message. The message is good. It’s filled with love and hope for everybody! The problem comes when we as humans put limitations on it. When somehow we don’t fit the mould and somehow being free actually begins to feel like more chains being added. We cannot begin to even start speaking to others about freedom in Christ, if our own judgement of people clouds our words.

We are told to be the light and salt of the earth. To do that we need to get down and dirty. All too often we are too ignorant of the struggles of others when preaching our messages. Ignorance is an opportunity for us to learn. We can never learn enough.

When we come from a place of nothing but love and compassion, when we seek to understand the ones we serve and when we truly appreciate the uniqueness and diversity that is humanity, then we can truly start to tell people a true message of freedom.

Some of my greatest conversations about Jesus I’ve had with people, is when I’ve been honest and say we are human. If I start a conversation admitting we get it wrong and acknowledging the hurt that can cause, people open up. There are so many walking wounded, and we have to be brave, admit we get it wrong and strive for change.

Words are rarely enough. We have to not only acknowledge the walking wounded both within the church, those that have left and those who have never come to Christ in the first place because of the wrong message. But seek to understand and strive for change with passion, so we can truly be the light of Jesus.

Let’s bring Christianity back to authenticity. Open, honest and with out human limitation. That’s true freedom.